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Courtesy Referral Pets for Adoption

DLRR has not evaluated these animals, has no further information about the animals shown here, and is not further involved in any potential adoption. We make no representation of and take no responsibility for the health or temperament of these animals. If you are interested in adopting one of the animals listed below, you must contact the organization or individual directly.

These animals are posted here as a courtesy to the other agencies or private parties who are trying to find them new homes. These organizations and private parties may require you to go through some sort of approval process. The adoption fee is established by each organization or individual.

If you have a pet that needs to be re-homed and would like to post it here, please contact our Courtesy Referral Manager.

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Obi Wan

Obi is a 2 year old Chocolate Lab/Australian Shepard Mix. (According to previous owners, they had a DNA test done on him). Obi loves to play with children and lights up when he sees them. He's a friendly and energetic little guy and loves attention. He would do very well in a home with children! He hates being left alone and will destroy everything in revenge (haha) if not left in a crate. He's house trained and knows the basic command of "sit".
Although he loves to play with other dogs (especially at the dog park), he has shown some food and toy guarding. On several occasions, he has bit and nipped at two dogs who were trying to get to his food and/or toys. Because of this, Obi would do best in a home with either no other dogs, or a patient family who is willing to train him in this area. Obi Wan is special in many ways, including his hip deformity which the Vet thinks he was born with. Other than the slight limp, it doesn't seem to bother him at all and never holds him back. It is most noticeable when he runs, but he runs nonetheless. :)​
If you are interested in adopting Obi, please contact us either by phone (661) 889-3720 or by email



Dobby is wonderful, loving 6 y.o. neutered male. He is black lab/cocker spaniel mix. He is currently in his 5th home at no fault of his own. His first two involved abuse and neglect and the family he came from loved him to pieces but had to let him go because they had to move to an apartment and he had separation anxiety when he was alone. This is due to so many upheavals in his life. His perfect forever home would be: a retired person, able to be walked, access to a pool, lots and lots of tennis ball, and a person able to put in the time to help him with behavior modification and training. He is very very sweet, intelligent, a shadow by your side, and love to swim and play ball outside. A Lab who deserves to be with a family who will let him be the dog he longs to be… Call and make an appointment for this great boy who will grab your hearts or email for more information - Laura 602.460.2889 or