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Courtesy Referral Pets for Adoption

DLRR has not evaluated these animals, has no further information about the animals shown here, and is not further involved in any potential adoption. We make no representation of and take no responsibility for the health or temperament of these animals. If you are interested in adopting one of the animals listed below, you must contact the organization or individual directly.

These animals are posted here as a courtesy to the other agencies or private parties who are trying to find them new homes. These organizations and private parties may require you to go through some sort of approval process. The adoption fee is established by each organization or individual.

If you have a pet that needs to be re-homed and would like to post it here, please contact our Courtesy Referral Manager.

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Shotgun is a 7 year old sweetheart. Her nickname is polar bear because she is a giant fluffy pup. Some of her favorite things are being loved on, definitely eating food, swimming in pools, and going on car rides. She’ll ride in the bed of a truck and enjoy the air like you wouldn’t believe. If you don’t believe me, just ask her if she wants to go for a ride and see her perk up and shake her hind. She is not much for dog toys, but she does like to chew on some raw hides and dental chews. Not your shoes or furniture!
She behaves very well inside. And a plus, very well kennel-trained and house-broken. She is spayed and current on her rabies shot. She is not micro-chipped. She does well on a leash, but is a bit of a handful when she sees another dog. I’ve had her at dog parks and dog beaches and she does good, unless a dog gets in her face. Which I try to keep at a minimum. I feel she prefers to be the only dog in the household, so she can get all the attention and love. She is good with children, but does not realize her size so she may knock a child over if she isn’t paying attention.
She is okay with cats, but most cats do not like her because of her size. I think she’d like a backyard with maybe a pool, but she’d also be quite happy napping inside and being lazy. She needs a good loving home due to unforeseen circumstances.
Please text Jakie at 602-206-9179 if you’d like to meet her or know anything else about her.


Jackie and Jill

Jackie and Jill are sisters. They are 8-year-old, 85-pound, black lab mix dogs with some white markings. They have lived their entire lives together with their dad, whose health has been in steady decline for several years. Their dad has moved to a care facility, which leaves Jackie and Jill in need of a new forever home where they can live together.
These are sweet, loving, attentive, quiet, obedient dogs. To meet them is to fall in love with them. They were dedicated to their dad, and they were understanding about his health. Their life has been outdoors on their own roaming in a fenced yard and indoors watching TV or sleeping when their dad did.
Jackie and Jill have been socialized only with adult humans. They have not been around children or other pets. But their even temperament may make them good candidates for integrating into those environments.
Jackie and Jill are housebroken, but not leash-trained. Their diet is dry food supplemented with milk bone treats. They bark at coyotes and they like to chase rabbits. They need current vaccines. Jill shows signs of hip dysplasia, but she is not taking any medication for it. In all other respects, both dogs appear to be in good health.
We are asking you to pay $100 adoption fee to show your commitment to giving these dogs a good home. However, if you show proof of vaccination, the entire fee will be rebated to you.
Please call Nancy at 520-241-8207 to learn more. Thank you for giving these beautiful dogs a place in your home!



Dobby is wonderful, loving 6 y.o. neutered male. He is black lab/cocker spaniel mix. He is currently in his 5th home at no fault of his own. His first two involved abuse and neglect and the family he came from loved him to pieces but had to let him go because they had to move to an apartment and he had separation anxiety when he was alone. This is due to so many upheavals in his life. His perfect forever home would be: a retired person, able to be walked, access to a pool, lots and lots of tennis ball, and a person able to put in the time to help him with behavior modification and training. He is very very sweet, intelligent, a shadow by your side, and love to swim and play ball outside. A Lab who deserves to be with a family who will let him be the dog he longs to be… Call and make an appointment for this great boy who will grab your hearts or email for more information - Laura 602.460.2889 or