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Courtesy Referral Pets for Adoption

DLRR has not evaluated these animals, has no further information about the animals shown here, and is not further involved in any potential adoption. We make no representation of and take no responsibility for the health or temperament of these animals. If you are interested in adopting one of the animals listed below, you must contact the organization or individual directly.

These animals are posted here as a courtesy to the other agencies or private parties who are trying to find them new homes. These organizations and private parties may require you to go through some sort of approval process. The adoption fee is established by each organization or individual.

If you have a pet that needs to be re-homed and would like to post it here, please contact our Courtesy Referral Manager.

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We got Abbey when she was 5-1/2 years old. Her prior owner had died, and the family gave her to the Humane Society. We had another black lab at the time, who had just lost his doggie friend, and he was depressed. We went to look at another dog at HSSA, but we stopped to say hi to Abbey, who was in the first kennel. When we walked away, she started crying and pawing at the fence, and the HSSA worker said that she had never done that with anyone before. So, we stopped to take a second look, and from there, it is history. Abbey has been a lovebug since we got her. We often took in other rescues, and she has always been a sweetheart with all of them.

We currently have a little terrier and a dachsund as well, and the three are very much bonded. Abbey and Buddy spoon together, and the three of them love going on walks. Abbey is now almost 12 years old. This year, we decided to follow a dream of ours, and sold our home, purchased an RV, and started traveling with our pups. Even with a dog ramp, Abbey has some issues getting in and out of our truck and the RV constantly due to arthritis. We traveled for two months with her, and came to the difficult decision that she would be more comfortable in a home where she doesn’t have to deal with steps.

She has been great with kids, other dogs, all people – she is just a sweetheart of a dog. Abbey loves to sit on a lounge chair on a porch, and just look and watch. She will bark when she sees something interesting, like another dog or a rabbit, but she is very calm overall. She prefers the cooler weather, so in our Arizona winters, she spent more time outside than in. Abbey would do best in a home where she has some company, such as another dog, but not tooooo much energy. She loves going for short walks, but can't handle a long one, though she will try hard to do it! We are back in Tucson for a few months, so not in a hurry to just ‘get rid of her.’ We want to be sure that it is a good fit for both Abbey and a potential home. She has the typical Labrador personality of being such a caring dog, with a big heart and sometimes sloppy kiss.

Please email us at if you are willing to provide her a loving home.



Max & Zeus

Max & Zeus are needing a new home. They are Lab Dane mixes. They are a 6 year old bonded pair so a home together is a must. These boys are very well behaved and love to play with their stuffed toys, snuggle, and our overall very good boys. Good with dogs. NO Cats. Older children are ok too. These boys are available in Arizona.

Please email us at if you are willing to provide them a loving home whether foster or adopt.