Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue A 501(c)(3) Arizona-based Rescue Group

Did You Know... ?

Each year, 8 to 10 million homeless cats and dogs end up in animal shelters across the country.

Four to 5 million homeless animals are euthanized annually. Many of them are healthy and friendly dogs and cats who can't find a home in time to save their life. Not all these animals are mutts... 25 percent of all shelter dogs are purebred!

One female dog and her offspring can reproduce 67,000 dogs in six years! Many of these dogs will end up homeless and in shelters. Because of this, Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue encourages you to spay and neuter your pets! All dogs placed through DLRR are sterilized to help control the overpopulation of animals.

Rescue groups across the country try to save as many homeless animals as possible, but they can only do so much. Most rescue organizations can only save as many dogs as they have foster space to care for. DLRR is in desperate need of foster space for labs. If you can volunteer to take in a homeless lab for a couple of weeks or so, you can help save an animal's life! To ask questions about fostering a lab, please email our Foster Home Coordinator.

There are over 4,000 puppy mills in the U.S. alone. Pet stores sell close to 500,000 puppies each year. Many of these puppy mill breeders are kept in horrific conditions to churn out as many puppies as possible for pure profit. Please, if you are looking for a dog, go to a rescue group, a reputable breeder, or an animal shelter. Don't enable puppy mills by purchasing a pet store dog.