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DLRR Fundraiser: Saving Pets Challenge

This is our fourth year participating in the Saving Pets Challenge and this year we are geared up to win the grand prize, $50,000! We can do this with your help. Every donation will count! 

Upcoming DLRR Events


Saturday, June 3, 2017
Lab Meet & Greet

Pet Club
21041 N. Cave Creek Rd.
Phoenix, AZ
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

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DLRR Fundraiser - Loafers for Labs

We are looking for donations of new shoes or lightly used shoes from April 1st to May 31st!

DLRR has teamed up with Funds2Orgs who uses the shoes collected to help micro-enterprises in developing nations like Haiti, Nicaragua, Togo, Swaziland, Bolivia, Tanzania, Botswana, Bolivia, and Senegal. In developing nations shoes are the primary mode of transportation. They believe the HAND UP is more beneficial than the HAND OUT.

DLRR Fundraiser - Jim Click Car Raffle!

Enter our raffle to win a car from Jim Click!

With your $25 single ticket purchase (or 5 tickets for $100) you could win one of three prizes:

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Sponsor Medical Fees for a Special Needs Dog!

DLRR has several special needs dogs that require significant medical attention, prescriptions, surgeries, special diets and ongoing veterinary care. These costs add up and our adoption fees do not cover most of these expenses. We have set up a sponsorship program to help defer the medical costs of nursing these wonderful dogs back to health so they can find their forever families.

Click here to donate so we can continue to save more labs and provide them with the medical care they need and deserve.


Animal Rescuers Web Series

Check out the latest webisode from the Animal Rescuers featuring the Arizona Golden Retriever Rescue! The Animal Rescuers is a new web based series devoted to saving animals through adoption, volunteering, donating to animal causes and to raise awareness of the many different animal rescues.


DLRR Benefit Wine - Time to Stock Up for a Good Cause!

Visit DLRR's Benefit Wines web site and stock up on all our wines for a good cause!