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Contact your Home Visit Coordinator to arrange a meeting with any of our wonderful labs!

PLEASE NOTE: You must complete an adoption application and pass a home visit before we can discuss any questions you have about our available dogs. We will not return phone messages nor answer e-mails about specific available labs on the website unless you have been approved to adopt.

More adoptable dogs can be seen by visiting our Courtesy Referral Pets for Adoption.


Jack (12) is a very smart 3-year-old yellow boy who was surrendered by his owner to DLRR. When Jack came into us he was sent to our dog behavior specialist where he worked on some fear reactivity in certain situations.  After spending time in a well-balanced home and with lots of training and positive reinforcement, he is very good at following commands, plays beautifully with other dogs, gets along with cats, is housebroken, treadmill trained, kennel trained, and trustworthy when left alone in the house. His reactivity is greatly reduced and when it does occur is manageable with a strong leader. Jack is a medium to high energy boy who will thrive in a home that provides structure and routine, physical and mental exercise, and down/chill time. He is a very loving dog that looks to his humans for direction, protection and praise. He would love to have a dog who is calm by nature as a buddy. He lived with children in his previous home, so kids are ok. Jack is a smart boy and will amuse you and bring joy to your life. Jack followed his foster mama everywhere around the house, even making a name for himself by being her first foster dog to lie outside the shower stall watching her every move so he could be ready to greet her with licks and tail wags when she exited!  He is easy to fall in love with. He has a kind heart and soul and deserves the best in life. Jack's trainer will work with his adopter to teach all commands and help make his transition successful. If you would like to meet Jack, please call his contact. He will reward you with a lifetime of loyalty and love!



Thomas is an energetic, 1 1/2 year old black male. He is all puppy so will do best in an active family with no young children. He loves to swim and dive into the pool, in fact many people have said he would make a great dock diver some day! No pool, no problem, as he also likes to exercise by playing fetch, playing with other dogs, and going for walks (when it is not too hot out). He was turned in because his previous family didn't have enough time for him, so exercise and companionship is a must. Thomas is good with dogs and is housebroken, crate trained, and knows some basic commands. He will bark loudly at people and new things until he is comfortable with them and he would benefit from formal training. He likes to chase small animals, so he must go to a no cat household. Thomas has been passed around a lot and he really needs a stable home with a loyal family that can provide training, confidence, and love. He is a real sweetheart and he will be a great companion and protector with the right owner.



Hi Everyone my name is Grant and you are never going to believe what I am about to tell you.  I was found in Mexico laying on the side of a road.  I was lost and alone.  Worst of all I had been hit by a car.  The good people who found me kept me crated for several months before they were able to make arrangements for Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue to intake me.  Everyone who meets me says that I am nice and kind and sweet and that I will make a great addition to someone's family. We were all surprised to discover that I have a fractured back.  The Dr.’s can’t believe that I am up walking and wagging my tail but I am.  They sent me to see a specialist and he did a catscan.  Funny, I didn’t know cats did anything other then eat and sleep.  Anyway, the specialty Dr. (the one who uses cats to scan) recommended surgical intervention. That comes with its own set of risks and possible complications.  My attending veterinarian felt if we restricted my activity the fracture may start to heal on its own.  And it has started to do just that.  It will never be 100% and I will be more prone to arthritis because of this.  It’s also important to know that I am never going to be a marathon runner and my activity should be supervised.  In addition, I need to stay slim and trim. Did I mention that I play well with my foster sisters (2 shepherd mixes) and my two foster brothers (labs) and I even like the foster cats in the house.  I wonder if they work for the good Dr.  Thanks to Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue I have been granted a new lease on life and a chance to find my forever home.  Could that be with you?  Please call my foster mom if you’d like to see just how sweet and adorable I am.  



Hi! I'm Princess, a really sweet but shy yellow lab mix that immigrated from Mexico. I have a severe case of Valley Fever but am doing much better on my medications. I'm about 4 years old and on the smaller side at just under 40 pounds. I like spending a lot of time outside but come inside for belly rubs and treats, as well as attention when I want it. I get along great with my foster siblings but I haven't been around cats, small dogs or children. Because of my Valley Fever I need to have a harness when I am walked instead of a collar. I am a little shy and timid at first--I really like to be the one to initiate contact with people but I warm up quickly after I've made sure I'm safe. I will take a little time getting comfortable with my new family but look forward to findng my forever home!



Brutus is a 7-year old black neutered male who came to DLRR as a turn in at County. There isn't any information on his previous life only that he was kept primarily outside.  He weighed approximately 76.6 lbs when he left the County for Briarcrest Veterinary care center. He has easily gained about 10 or more pounds since staying with us!  He has a good healthy appetite and isn't picky about food.  Brutus likes to take his time munching and often will come back to finish later. He came into County with a terrible eye condition, called Cherry eye, which because his previous owners didn't have the condition treated, it damaged his retina and he has partial blindness.  He has special eye drops that he'll most likely need for the rest of his life.  He doesn't let his limited vision get in the way and he's very inquisitive and playful.  He's such a joy to have as he's just a real love bug.  Brutus gets along dogs, people and with everyone except kitties.  Mostly he is just too curious and rough.  Since not much is known about him, I would say no to  a dog door because of his limited vision.  He will go out the door but can't find his way back in.  Therefore I fear that he could get trapped out in the heat if the owner is not home to monitor him. He has a medium energy level and loves to go for walks. He will make someone a great companion.



Meet Liberty….a sweet, loving, quirky, 8 year old, purebred black lab! She has been with us for a while now and has settled in very nicely after being turned in by her owner due to changes within their family dynamic. Liberty loves to swim in our pool or play with the hose, she also plays fetch with her tennis ball until you are worn out and is often seen walking around the house with some sort of ball or toy in her mouth, a true lab! It is hard to believe she will be 9 on July 4th as Liberty has great energy and is always up for whatever the family is doing. She walks well on the leash, however will growl at other dogs if they come close while she is on it due to an encounter with an aggressive dog earlier in her life. It is our feeling and experience that Liberty will do best in a home without cats (as she has been known to chase them), someone who is home most of the time or at least has a doggy door, older children, and finally, a home where she can be the only dog. As labs are the breed known for eating anything and everything, Liberty stays true in that she can counter surf with the best of them! Her new family will need to be cautious as to what is left out because she will help herself to whatever is available! Liberty is a gorgeous girl who wants nothing more than love, attention, belly rubs and a forever home!



Lea is young, only 18 months and a very energetic and outgoing yellow lab. She loves to be around her people, no matter where you are. Lea loves her belly rubs. When it comes to other dogs, she is calm when first meeting them, than after a very short while, she is up for play time and running around. Lea loves any and all toys and will play with them any time of the day. She is housebroken, She sleeps good in her crate at night, she could use more leash training, knows how to sit for treats, she is all around a great, loving, and playful dog. We don't have cats so don't know how she is with them.



Hi, my name is Indie, but my foster mom thinks we might want to change it to Loverboy. I'm a beautiful 60 pound yellow lab. I've had the same home since I was a puppy, but my parents got sick and can't take care of me anymore so now I'm looking for a new family to love. I'm 11 years old, which you might think means I'm slow and nap all the time, but instead I am really strong, fit and love to walk or play. I am really easy going, well behaved in the car, and I don't bark much even when I see rabbits and birds out in the yard. My previous family says I am good with kids and other dogs, though I am a little cautious of large males. There is a cat in my foster home and when I get too close to him, I snap at him so I need a home with no kitties. I am potty trained and trustworthy around the house. I definitely need some exercise and mental stimulation, especially in the morning. I can be high energy when I get excited and I kind of bounce like a kangaroo when I realize I am going for a walk - I can't help it, I love my walks! My foster mom says I need to learn some manners on the leash, but I am pretty smart and she thinks I can learn quickly with some training. I also like playing tug of war and other fun games. Once I get a little exercise, then I'm happy to snooze through a movie or hang out with you. I just figured out what a dog bed is for and man, I have been getting some great power naps on mine. If you are looking for a smart, loving yellow lab who loves adventure and cuddles then give my foster mom a call, I might just be your guy.



Sarah is a one year old, black, female beauty.  She was rescued from the pound and was a very timid, shy girl when she arrived at her foster home.  Those days are behind her!   She has gained confidence and is queen bee with her two foster brothers.  She weighs in at only 45 lbs, but loves every second playing with her foster brothers (70lbs and 75lbs).  Although not much is known about her past, she is house trained.  She did not like the whole crate thing at first, but a few cookies later and she is crate trained.  She will take a nap in her open crate during the day and has slept well through the night since the day she arrived.  We are now working on basic commands and with her love of cookies and being really smart, she catches on fast.  Cats are an unknown.  Sarah is just one sweet girl looking for her furever home.



Pipi (as in Pipi Longstockings) came to Desert Lab Rescue by way of the Pinal County shelter. She was a stray who came in with another dog. Pipi was named because of her long white stockings on her feet and legs. So adorbs! This black/white, 6 year old girl is tall and so cute! She just wants to have a good time with the humans and maybe a furry pal. She is calm, sweet and friendly and loves to give kisses. She weighs about 80 lbs.


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