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Contact your Home Visit Coordinator to arrange a meeting with any of our wonderful labs!

PLEASE NOTE: You must complete an adoption application and pass a home visit before we can discuss any questions you have about our available dogs. We will not return phone messages nor answer e-mails about specific available labs on the website unless you have been approved to adopt.

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I'm Blake an almost 2 year old black boy that came to DLRR from Texas. I was abandoned in New Mexico and shipped to Tucson where they found out I had Heartworm Disease. After 5 months of treatment I'm CURED (Honestly, I never really realized I was sick!) Because of my illness I had to be on restricted exercise--which was not fun for any of us! Now I'm free to run and play as I want and boy; do I have a lot of energy to burn! I am housebroken and I use the dog door like a pro. I DEFINATELY don't like cats and fish tanks--cats I chase and fish tanks I try to knock over so the fish will play with me. I get along great with other dogs though--I have four foster siblings and while I love them it's really my people I want. I'm so exuberant that I should not be trusted around young children--I won't intentionally hurt them but I will probably knock them over. If you have plenty of time and energy to train me I would be a wonderful addition to your home because I'm so sweet biut I really need someone who will be patient while training because I get so excited I forget things quickly. I really do want to please people. If you want a Labrador who would love to go on walks and hiking (after some training) I would love to be that boy!



If you like to cuddle and get some doggie kisses then I am the girl for you!  At my foster's I get to play with 2 furry females and enjoy running and chasing lizards. I am crate trained but sometimes I sleep on the floor with the other girls and we sleep all night. I am housebroken-no accidents-there is no doggy door here so I sit by the door. When it's time to eat I don't guard my food but I do try to get everyone else's. We are working on sit and stay and I will need continued training with my commands. Car rides are a lot of fun and I enjoy looking out the window and taking little trips with you. When my foster's leave I will cry a very short time but then I settle down especially if I get to play ball with you later on.
When I was first rescued by DLRR I wasn't feeling well and it was first thought that I was in renal failure. After further testing the vet determined I had Leptospirosis and was treated and am back to my normal fun self. Due to the Lepto I do have renal damage and will have to be on Hills Kidney Care for the rest of my life. I am not on any medications.



Meet Rosie! This little lady is 11 years young and through no fault of her own is looking for a new family. Any family whether they are looking for a senior or not will love her. Rosie is still very active for her age and enjoys frequent walks and belly rubs. Rosie9 equally loves mile long hikes or movie nights in. She becomes a 43 pound lap dog to all who will let her, including children of all ages. Rosie9 also enjoys tagging along on shopping trips and dinner dates to dog friendly spots and is always on her best behaviour. Rosie doesn’t seem to mind other dogs but I am sure would prefer the company of a lower energy playmate. I have been told she is good with cats as well. Other than having a few teeth pulled, Rosie is in great health for her age and will no doubt provide endless love to whoever adopts her. She is housetrained, does not bark, trustworthy when left alone, and loves car rides. Contact her foster parents today to learn more and set up a meeting.



Blaky is a 2 year old black female.  She is on the smaller side and weighs 55 pounds.  She was living on the streets in Mexico.  When DLRR rescued her she was pretty sick from Tick Fever.  She has been on medication and is feeling so much better.  She loves to play with her foster brothers and sister.  She can't resist chasing the kitties so a cat free home would be best.  She is great with older children.  She is probably one of the sweetest girls we have had here.  Follows her foster mom everywhere and must sleep with one eye open because she never lets her out of sight!!  She is housebroken and goes in her crate without much fuss.   She might bark for a few minutes but then settles down and is calm and quiet.   She is trustworthy loose in the house when we are gone.  Needs some work on leash...mostly how to ignore the lizards whizzing by!    Blaky has some kidney damage so will need to be on a special diet and take medication but it does not slow her down at all!  If you are looking for a sweet, constant companion, give her foster a call for more info.  



Sharon (Shari) was a Mexico dog that had no home experience. She has figured out the doggie door and even before that did not potty in the house. She doesn’t tear anything up but might like to sit with you on the couch if allowed (not here). She likes the doggie beds a lot. She is not interested in toys but she plays constantly with my Catahoula. She has no training but is very eager to please. She walks on the leash but barks at strangers. She has looked on the counter but not taken anything. She leaves my cats alone and backs down from my old terrier. Her ears were infected and are being treated- she actually likes it. She tested positive for tick fever but shows no symptoms, regardless she is on doxycycline for one month and will need to be checked then. She is a very gentle soul who will appreciate her new family. Just because she likes playing so much here another dog might be nice but who can say? At first she would try and protect her food but that seems to have faded since there is plenty. We have seen children but not played with them. 45 pounds on March 26, still needs to gain some weight. We have had her around various children now and she is very good with them.



Hi! I'm Anthony (my foster mom calls me Andy).  While I am a little shy and reserved at first, it only takes me a few minutes to warm up to you, and then I'm all love! I am typically pretty low energy, but I do have occasional bursts of medium to high energy when I want to play, which sometimes comes at night if I've been low key all day! But all it takes then is for someone to play with me or take me for a walk then and I calm right down. I am a boxer/lab mix and my adoption fee has been reduced to $175! I love going for walks, so I'm quick to go out the door as soon as it's opened, and I do very well on a leash, or as my foster mom always says "just marvelous." I walk slowly and stay by your side. If you take the lead for a run, I'm just a jogger at most; it's more fun for me to go slowly and take in my surroundings. I don't counter surf, but I have been known to jump a baby gate when I'm left out when there's fun going on somewhere else in the house! Can you blame me? I just want to be near you. :) At the adoption event, I loved all kids big and small and enjoyed them petting me (I am such a charmer and lover). I don't love going into a crate, but I'm such a good boy, once I'm in there I just lie quietly! I love other dogs and love to play with my 3 foster brothers, but would be best suited for a home without cats, as all I want to do is chase them and play, but they typically don't like that. Although it says I am between 3 and 7, my foster mom says I act like a 2 year old (haha) and she does not think I am that old. Now that I am in a home with a pool, I love to lie on the step and let the water cool my belly. If someone could show me how to get in there all the way, I think I would love to swim or play in the water. I also love playing with tennis balls, my foster brothers taught me that! I am the perfect size, not too small and not too big I am told. If you want to meet me please call my foster mom, I promise you won't be disappointed! Oh, and I am also housebroken and learned the doggie door in less than 5 minutes!!



Henry(8) is a loving, cuddling, bright energy black male lab mix with little white paws. His favorite activities include spending time with the 3yr old toddler of the house, chewing on bones or toys, and jumping around. Henry should not be in a household with cats as he likes to chase them. Currently he knows sit, wait, and lay down. He goes to bed in his crate and also while the family is out since he is still adjusting to a new home. Henry is housebroken but will sometimes try to chew random items in the house. Henry's health is all up to date, he gets along with other dogs and is very submissive meaning he will do well with Alpha dogs, absolutely nooo cats, and does fantastic with children, large or small. He is a huge cuddler and just wants to be able to find his forever home so he can settle down from the wild life and someone to finish his training with! Henry is 11 months old and approaching his FIRST BIRTHDAY! A new adoptive family would be the best birthday present ever!



Hi I am Rugger and I am a 7 year old Giant handsome Black Lab of 128lbs. I am an owner turn in who said I was just in the way as they now have children and older folks living in the home. I have a thyroid condition which is what caused me to gain this weight but I am currently on medication for it and a nice diet and I hope to lose some of these extra lbs soon! Despite my size,  I am not a huge chow hound and just eat at my designated meal times. My foster mom says I am really no trouble at all. I just like to hang out with the family and chill. I love sunbathing in the backyard so a nice size yard where I can explore and just lounge is critical for me.  I really love walks but because of my size I really need a strong person to be able to handle me out  on a leash. I enjoy the company of my foster fur siblings but I would also do just fine as an only child.  I think I would do ok with children but due to my current size I may be a little big and knock them over so I think older children would be best. I love to lay on the floor and sleep beside your bed for the evening.  I can be fully trusted with whole house privelages when gone and I am doggy door trained. The perfect family will help me manage my thyoid issue and continue on my quest for my beach body! 



Pepper (6) is a 3-year-old Lab mix,. Pepper would love to have an owner who is home most of the time and she is getting better when I leave and crate her, she doesn't seem to stress as much. She likes other dogs and loves to play with them. She and my 1 1/2 year old Lab are Besties, they play and run around the backyard together.  She greets all other dogs slowly and seems fine with any dogs. Kids 8 years and older would be best. Pepper is very sweet, a tiny bit shy and gives gentle kisses, she sleeps in the bedroom at night in her own bed. Pepper is not a barker, when she hears something outside she will get up and go to the door. If I don't let her go out, she will lay back down, she doesn't pursue it. She is great in the car, takes treats very gently and seems to me to be a sensitive soul.  She is a slow and very careful eater, and she is housebroken.  Pepper walks well on a leash. She would like someone home a lot as she loves to be everywhere that I am in the house, definitely a velcro dog. She is friendly with strangers that come and eagerly greets them. She is very well behaved and loving. 



My name is Tanka and I am a beautiful young boy aged about 3 years or so. I am black with some white markings on my chest and toes.  Pardon if I brag about myself for a minute.  I am fully housebroken and know how to use the doggie door.  I love spending time with other dogs however, I haven't had the chance to meet other animals with my foster mom and dad.  I love kids and adults alike and really like to cuddle.  My foster family tells me that I am a "Love Bug" because I always lay my head in thier laps.  Im pretty strong and athletic and like to play fetch.  I am also VERY obedient and learn new things quickly.  I just recently learned how to stay in my crate!  I'm finishing up some medications for kennel cough but am on the mend quickly.  I hope to find a new family that will enjoy all of the love I have to give!



Maranda is a very sweet 1 yr old Lab mix who adores her people and gets along very well with other dogs.  She came into the DLRR from PACC as a stray who had recently had a litter of puppies. She has been living at her foster home with many other dogs and gets along very well with everyone but she has not been around cats yet.  She will lie at your feet and follow you around the house and loves to get attention and lay her head in your lap.  She would probably do best with older children as she is still very puppy and will occasionally jump up on people.  I believe she was an outside dog as she is not housebroken when she came to live with her foster family but but she is getting better.  She will be an amazing dog with just a little training and a lot of love.



This fun-loving and beautiful girl is a hoot.  She came to us as an owner turn in because her family worked long hours and she was spending too much time kenneled.  At 95 pounds, Pepper is a slightly overweight, tall, and big-boned sweetie, who is clueless as to her size.  She is a bit of a bull in a china shop as she maneuvers through our home, tail a wagging and knocking things about.  Pepper is 5 years young and loves her people.  She has a medium energy level and is playful and friendly towards people, dogs, and cats.  She is quite strong on the leash and will require training in this regard.  She is hysterical in the pool.  She jumps in and dog paddles in a vertical position, biting at the sizable splashes she makes, twirling like a ballerina.  She loves to chase a ball, but does not return it.  Because of her size, strength, and clumsy tendency, she would fit in home with older children and an active family that can give her exercise and include her in family activities.  Pepper uses her voice to communicate her needs/wants and will require training in this regard as well.  The doorbell excites her.  She is food-aggressive and requires feeding separate from others. Pepper has sensitive paws that became quickly irritated from the artificial grass and pool deck in our yard (presumably she has been sheltered from outdoor walking and playing) so we put some socks on her and limited her activity to give her time to heal.  Pepper is kennel trained.  She is not dog door trained.  She is housebroken.  There are no known medical issues.  Please contact her foster family to learn more about this lovebug.


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