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Hi! My name is Bell, and I’m one of the 3 sugar babies. You may have already read about us on facebook… My two sisters and I are only 2 years old, but we have been on quite a journey already! We used to live outside and got really skinny. The man we used to live with finally took us to a vet who told him we have diabetes. He said he couldn’t take care of us anymore and asked the vet to put us down. Luckily the vet’s receptionist contacted DLRR who took us in! Yep, turned out they saved us…and we are super thankful! All 3 of us need insulin shots, just like humans with diabetes do. My foster parents didn’t have a clue how to do it, but learned quite quickly. It’s all doable if you love someone…

It would be great if all three of us could stay together, but I understand that might be difficult. Maybe I could just stay with Coco, because I really like to cuddle with her! Coco is going blind too, just like me. I’m actually blind already because my diabetes wasn’t treated, but I heard rumors they are trying to do eye surgery so that I can see again. It’s not cheap, so DLRR, who rescued us, is taking donations to help. Chances are REALLY good that I can see again and live a happy life. That’s what the eye specialist said. Wouldn’t that be cool?!?! Oh, how I’d love to be able to see again and not bump into stuff and be able to goof around. I do manage pretty well, even being blind, but I do remember what it was like when I was able to see, and it was pretty neat! I miss it…  Of course I’m housebroken, love people and kids, and I am really good in the crate. I actually kinda like it! My foster family always tells me I’m so lovable and such a pretty girl. I can’t see myself in the mirror, but I hope they are right.  Do you want to find out for yourself?


Bon Bon

March 2017 UPDATE!
Hey, this is BonBon! Guess what?!?! I can see again… ☺  That’s right; I had my cataract surgery in the beginning of March, and it went very well!
So, now I’m just your typical Lab who just happens to be diabetic! I love people, kids and dogs, I’m not a fan of cats, but love to snuggle and play! I also love walks and usually take a couple of naps during the day.  In fact, I actually like being in my crate, which is where I stay when my foster mom has to leave me alone at home.  She always calls me a “good girl!”  So, as you can tell, I’m a very easygoing dog who would love to be your companion and find a forever home. 
I do have two sisters, but - although I love them very much - we don’t have to be adopted together.  Since I do love other dogs, it would be nice to find a forever home with another dog, but I’m also fine with getting all of your loving for myself.
As a reminder, here’s my story:
My two sisters and I are only about 3 years old, but we have been on quite a journey already! We were rescued by DLRR in May of 2016.  The man we used to live with finally took us to a vet when we got really skinny! When the vet told him we had diabetes, he said he couldn’t take care of us anymore and asked the vet to put us down! Luckily the vet’s receptionist contacted DLRR who took us in! Yep, turned out they saved us…and we are so thankful! All 3 of us need insulin shots twice a day, just like humans with Type 1 diabetes do. My foster family didn’t have a clue how to do it, but learned quite quickly. It’s all doable when you love someone…
What else is there to know about me? I am a super cute girl. I love to sunbathe and chase birds, but one of my favorite things to do is cuddle, I just LOVE it! My foster parents have no choice but to love to cuddle with me too because I just drop into their laps when they sit next to me. Plus my coat is sooooo soft... And my face!!! I tell ya…no one can resist me! Can you?!?



Hi! My name is Coco, and I’m one of the 3 sugar babies. You may have already read about us on facebook… We are quite popular! My two sisters and I are only 2 years old, but we have been on quite a journey already! We used to live outside and got really skinny. The man we used to live with finally took us to a vet who told him we have diabetes. He said he couldn’t take care of us anymore and asked the vet to put us down. Luckily the vet’s receptionist contacted DLRR who took us in! Yep, turned out they saved us…and we are super thankful! All 3 of us need insulin shots, just like humans with diabetes do. My foster parents didn’t have a clue how to do it, but learned quite quickly. It’s all doable if you love someone…

It would be great if all three of us could stay together, but I understand that might be difficult. Maybe I could stay with Bell, because I really like to cuddle with her! Bell is already blind, and I’m unfortunately on my way there because my diabetes wasn’t taken care of in time.  Although my vision is better than Bell’s and am not completely blind, it makes me sad sometimes.  But, good news! Bell and I have seen this doctor who thinks he can do eye surgery so that we can see again. It’s not cheap, so DLRR is taking donations to help. Chances are REALLY good though that I can see again and live a happy life. I would really love that because I’ve had it especially rough. You see, I also have valley fever, so it’s taking more time for me to gain weight and get healthy. But I feel like I’m in good care now, and I know they are doing the best they can to help me. You should also know that I’m housebroken, love kids and really like my crate too! I’m super thankful to our foster family, and try to tell them any chance I get by kissing their hands.  Then they pet and kiss me and tell me what a good and sweet girl I am! I love it when they do that… Do you want some kisses from me too?



OH MY GOSH I LOVE YOU!!! I might be a "senior" but with my super cool meds (tramadol and rimadyl) I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE being an active sweetheart! Walks? MY FAVORITE! Toys? MY FAVORITE! Toys that squeak? MY FAVORITE! Love and pets? MY FAVORITE! Food? MY FAVORITE! Soft comfy beds? MY FAVORITE! You?? MY FAVORITE! Sorry, I got distracted for a second! My foster mama says I'm her favorite Hershey's kiss, her little mochachino.  I think that's good? I am SO loving and SO fun and SO happy to be with you! I don't require a ton of exercise, but did you see that I LOVE my walks?? I'm a very faithful companion and will take alllllll the loves you can give, but when you're done, I'm happy to go snooze on a bed not too far away from you! I'm perfect in the house (if you don't mind picking up the remains of toys that I enjoy destroying!) and I am an expert at that doggie door thing! I take my food last (do I really have to wait for my foster brother and sister to eat first?) and I don't get territorial with food.  I do LOVE my toys, so if you have another doggie, I'm going to try to play with him or her and I might decide they CAN'T play with my toys,   As long as I have boundaries and a safe place to call my own I'm perfect! My foster mama has a crate with a super cushy bed for me if I want to go into "my" room, but I really don't go in there anymore because I LOVE being with my family! 
So who is perfect for me? A lower energy home with a mama and/or daddy who can appreciate that I love to play and walk, but that I do have my limits.  I need to meet any other doggies and I might have a transition/adjustment period figuring out where I fit in, but once I do, I'm PERFECT! Actually, I'm perfect just the way I am! I do take medicine with each meal - some little pink thing for my thyroid and that awesome Rimadyl and Tramadol to keep me active! Can I meet you and give you super sweet kisses? 



Hi! I am Daisy and I am a sweet, affectionate, 5 year old lab who is looking for my perfect home. I was rescued by DLRR from the Pinal County Pound but then had a bit of a rough go of it because I required treatment for heartworm. This made me quite miserable, however, with great foster care and some training I am fully recovered and I am now happy, energetic, playful and friendly!   I love being around my people and am quite the cuddler if you let me. I am moderately active and will need exercising regularly, I love going for walks! I am crate trained and house broken and I know basic commands.  I am interested in cats but really I just want to play with them.  I will do better in a home with kids over 9 years old and I also need to be in a home without any other dogs.  I will be quite happy as an only dog though because I just love my people!  Please consider adopting me--everyone tells me I am just so, so sweet.   I am so grateful to have been rescued by DLRR and I am very ready to settle into my forever home.  Hope to meet you soon!



Petra needs a patient loving family who is willing to bring her out of her shell. She is very timid around people but loves other dogs. She is very playful with them. she needs an understanding family willing to work with her to become the best little labbie she can be. She needs someone to show her love and that people can be trusted. She is doggie door trained, doesn't have accidents in the house, she has never met a kitty, she needs work on leash training and being around people. She just needs someone who will open her world up and become her best friend. No small children since she is so timid. She is about 35 lbs.



SBFL (single brown female lab) in search of my furever home. I have gained some weight and measure in at almost 50 pounds. I like long walks around my neighborhood. I LOVE jumping into the pool after a tennis ball, as well as having it thrown for me. One thing really cool about me is that I am very flexible on who should adopt me. I would be a fantastic only dog with someone who loves attention from me; hugs, snuggles, and kisses. I would want to be with you all day if possible, but am ok if I am home alone for a few hours. I want attention a lot, so if you are gone all day, I would just be sad. I could also be with a family with children who want to keep me busy and don't mind my lovings. Having a young child around me would be ok, but I am quick and wouldn't want to knock them over. I have gotten better on the leash but still pull sometimes so need some more training, I'm so excited to be on a walk, I just want to go, go, go! I love going to Dutch Brothers for a Puppaccino and ride pretty well in the car when I'm not trying to climb onto your lap. Mom says it's not safe! I love other dogs but am known to push them out of the way to get your full attention. I'm fine with cats, they aren't aways great with  me, but we have learned to coexist wonderully. I don't require long term medical care but do require a special diet due to my pancreas not having the right enzymes to process my meals. I love treats and can eat anything, just know the special food helps you have less messiness to clean up in the back yard. I am such a great dog! I have the softest fur, too. I'm excited to meet anyone who wants a very loving doggie and can give me a long life of love back. I am really fun!



Hi! I'm Dannie a 10 year old black lab mix who was given to the great people at DLRR because my owner was sick in the hospital and couldn't take care of me. I'm a big boy, weighing about 72 pounds and I have longer fur so will need some grooming.  My favorite thing is to lay around outside soaking up the sun or displacing my foster siblings on the dog beds inside.  I'm really easy going and have some arthritis so don't move as fast as my foster siblings. My new home will need to keep up with my pain and joint meds. I'm crate trained although i don't need one as I am the perfect gentleman inside the house all day. I don't get on the furniture and I'm happy to lay on my dog beds. I know how to use a dog door too! I'm dog friendly and cat friendly (per my previous owners) The people at DLRR were kind enough to have my teeth cleaned so now I'm good to go! If you want a furry cuddly companion, please call my foster mom.



Cello is not only tall, dark, and handsome, he is also smart, gentle, and affectionate -- the perfect young fellow! We think he is a Lab x Great Dane mix about 4 years old. Typical of both breeds, he is good-natured, cuddly, mellow, and eager to please. He recently had orthopedic surgery to fix a dislocated hip and is well on the road to recovery. He is good with kids and other dogs, but he will need a home where his activity can be carefully controlled for the next 2 months (ie, no roughhousing, running, or jumping) while he finishes healing. He has been surprisingly tolerant of his activity limits so far, but we suspect he will have a need for moderate exercise when he recovers. He should weigh about 85-90 pounds when he finishes putting on some much needed weight. He is house-trained and otherwise trustworthy in the house but gets quite anxious when left alone. His foster family has already seen some progress on this issue using a combination of systematic training and anti-anxiety medication, and we fully expect that with continued training in the right home, this issue can be resolved. 



Hi!   I'm Ginger!  I'm an 8 year old beautiful chocolate lady.  My former owners turned me in to DLRR because they were downsizing and I didn't make the cut.  I'm a very happy girl-- my tail is wagging all the time!  My foster mom tells me that I am so, so sweet and that I'm irresistible when you get to know me. I follow her around the house and have to be the same room she is in because I love her so much!  I also love my walks in the morning.  I try to be good on the leash, but I can't stop myself from wanting to investigate all the birds and bunnies out there because we sort of live in the country.  But I'm really smart--I have learned some commands like sit, stay, down and give--so I am sure I could learn to walk better on a leash with some training.  One of my favorite things to do is chase balls and bring them back to you so you can throw them again.  I'm totally trustworthy in the house when left alone and I don't counter surf.  My foster mom calls me Roomba because of my exceptional abilities at cleaning food up off the floor, but hey--I'm a Lab--that's what we do, right?!  I have a foster Lab sister who I pretty much ignore, so don't be looking for me to be any other dog's playmate.  I'm really a people dog.  I am so looking forward to getting settled in my furever home.  If you think you could be my new family, please call my foster mom.  I promise to love you forever and ever!



What a difference a couple of weeks in a foster home can make for a DLRR dog!  Rochelle has become a much better mannered, and definitely loved, member of our household!  She is totally housebroken-never had an accident, pesters the older resident Lab but not in a mean way, and is extremely affectionate.  She loves attention and she loves her toys.  We believe Rochelle did not have many experiences in the world before coming to us, and she definitely was untrained.  However, she is learning all sorts of things!  She is getting better on the leash but she definitely needs more work on that as well as overall obedience training.  She also needs daily exercise--she still has puppy energy sometimes.  She loves chewing on bones and stuffed animals-she doesn't  destroy them quickly--she prefers the slow kill method.  She is a good dog who has a ton of potential—really a diamond in the rough.  She needs additional socialization opportunities with dogs outside the home (obedience classes would be ideal), but she should learn quickly, judging from the positive changes we have seen over the past couple of weeks.  We are still recommending no young children (under 10) and absolutely no cats, as Rochelle has a high prey drive.  Hurry to call on this 1 1/2 year old, 40 lb beauty and make her your own!  She deserves the best!



Ranger6 is a black male mix that weighs 53#.  He came to us from the Mastiff Rescue because noone contacts them to adopt a Lab.  They felt he had a better chance with us.  He has not been in a foster home yet, so we do not know a lot about him.  He is strong and pulls on the leash.  I do not think he has had a lot of training and we know nothing about his previous history.  He showed me a trick he knows when we were at the vet.  the room had a leaver door handle and he marched right to and opened the door to go out.  He rides well in the car.  He needs a home with a family that can give him the exercise and training he needs. 



Chiquita or "Quita" is a very sweet lady. She may be older but has managed to keep up with the two younger dogs I am fostering. She smiles all the time and is very easy going. She would do best in a home with someone who can take short walks with her for exercise and who will be patient as she grazes through her food. In her former home, she did not experience many of the niceties of feeling at home, like cuddling on a couch, being part of the family, or going up stairs. She went into a pool recently, but it's not mandatory you have one. She would probably like a kiddie pool during our hot months. She is up to date with her shots other than a booster for one at the end of June. She is a good weight and overall very healthy; the only issue is a slight lazy left hip when trying to move quickly. As her foster, I am looking for someone to adopt her who will give her a lot of attention and teach her what love is all about. She is very easy to care for, but I don't want that to minimize the love she so desperately needs and deserves in her final years. If you want to meet a great senior dog who will appreciate anything you do for her, please call me.



Are you  someone who would  love to take your dog with you wherever you go?  2) looking for a great playmate ,are an experienced lab owner, AND have the ability to be consistent to help overcome separation issuesand/or willing to invest in training to meet Toby's needs- sound like you? well then -    Meet Toby AKA Kobe – I’m a 1 ½ year old stunningly gorgeous 72 pound black bundle of LABLOVE. I do snuggles, following my people everywhere, love car rides and walks;  I do sit , stay, down, and I play ball ( watch me retrieve for hours) Did someone say BALL?? Oh, and you should see my belly flops in the pool! You know what else I do well? Kids!  My foster home has five of them – teens, tweens, and a toddler who I lay on the ground with, play hide and seek in his play tunnel with , and fetch toys with …..I even helped weed out every single ball from his toy basket. Did someone say BALL? Yeah, that’s why they started calling me Kobe instead – I can rebound a ball and fetch like a pro!
I came to my foster family because my last owner moved away and left me with a neighbor who told DLRR they couldn’t afford to keep me . That neighbor left me outside in the back a lot, but my new foster family says it sure seems like I have been a one on one companion dog or an inside dog forever. The  neighbor had called DLRR to find me a good forever home but before having a chance to bring me in,  he took a trip and left me out back for the weekend. Well I heard that conversation, and since I love being with people so so so very much I decided to go find the people who will love me  and cleared their 3 foot wall just to end up in doggy jail pound for the night. Thankfully the sweet volunteer from DLRR found me there and brought me to my foster family. The kind folks at DLRR had me neutered and checked out by their vet. My lab work all looks good, I’m healing up from my neuter just fine, but I have a note in my file from a previous vet about a seizure, possibly caused from being left and not eating …but rest assured everything checks out good now.  I am healthy, handsome, strong, lean,  and likely still growing.
You should know that I  am a VERY smart boy. I listen well to directions and am eager to learn more. My foster mom figured out that I can open door handles if you let me. Maybe you need an assistant to go about your day? Train me to be your boy! Maybe you’re a baseball or softball coach and need a rookie mascot like me to retrieve all your balls for you – I’m your boy! Maybe you want a jobsite companion where I can be with you all day – I’m your boy! I don’t run away or bolt, see I really just want to be with my people and do whatever they are doing and go wherever you go. My foster mom says I walk well on a leash, I don’t tug or pull a lot unless there is a BALL  nearby. (Did someone say BALL? ) I sleep on my dog bed but also like to snuggle at the feet of my foster mom and dad’s bed. They let me cuddle up there and smile at my  cold wet nose good mornings. I soak up petting and praise. See, I just really really  love my people. I think I am missing a fur sibling too. I used to live with another lab who looked just like me =( I really need a forever family that understands my weakness is separation from my people and is willing to be available to me to work through that. Are you the one? Please call my foster family to meet me! Preference given to active  approved adopters who have a   committment and background  that matches being able to  work through my separation anxiety or  investing in some specific  training so that I am comfortable when left alone for short times. 


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