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DLRR Forms

Foster Home Application  -  Complete a foster home application to begin the process to become a DLRR Foster Home.

DLRR Membership Application - Complete this form to become a member of DLRR.

DLRR Bylaws - Read DLRR's bylaws.

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Adoption Information

Helpful Adoption Information  -  Information to help you be successful with your adoption.

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Informational Articles

About Labs - Is a Lab for You?

Cost of Owning a Dog - Use this calculator to determine an approximate cost of owning a dog.

I Can't Keep My Lab - How DLRR can help you find a new home for your Lab.

Valley Fever - An article about a disease that plagues many breeds of dogs in the desert southwest.

Did You Know...? - A very informative overview of dog rescue.

How Much Sleep do Dogs Need? - If you’re a dog parent, you know they love to sleep. But why do they sleep so much, and are they really dreaming when you see their paws twitch in their sleep?

Lost Pets: A Guide To Prevention & Rescue - Purrin Pal discusses ways to prevent losing a beloved domestic animal.

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Internet Links

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Caring for Your Dog

Briarcrest Veterinary Care Center -  A compassionate veterinary hospital that many of our rescues are brought to for treatment.  They have provided excellent care for our dogs and are highly recommended.  If you are looking for a veterinarian in Tucson, please consider them and tell them that DLRR referred you!  You will receive either 10% off or $10 off you first visit whichever is greater.

Chaparral Veterinary Medical Center - Chaparral Veterinary Medical Center (CVMC) is a full service veterinary hospital and clinic for horses, dogs, and cats. From their original location started in 1978 to their new location built in 2008, the practice has constantly been striving to improve patient care by being progressive in the services provided. Please tell them DLRR has referred you.

Topaz Veterinary Clinic - A wonderful veterinary clinic that we have taken many of our rescues to for various treatments, Many of our members that live in the area take their own dogs here. We highly recommend them - they have provided excellent treatment to all our dogs. If you are looking for a vet, please consider them, and tell them that DLRR referred you!

Denver Dumb Friends League - The website for the humane society of Denver. It contains a wealth of information about caring for your dog, including tons of online information on training and behavior modification.

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Lab Info

Here are some great sites that will tell you more about labs.

Labrador Retriever, from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Includes information such as the history of the breed, temperament and activities, and health information.

Dog Owner's Guide: Guide To Classified Ads - What "Needs room to run" really means...

Incorporating a New Child Into your Pack - From the blog Six Dogs, A Baby, and A Baby Daddy, here are some great tips on how to introduce your new child to your pets.

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Lab Clubs

Here are other clubs and organizations for Labs, both in the southwest and nationally.

Papago Labrador Retriever Club - The Lab club in Phoenix. They have a list of member breeders and a code of ethics. Contact Marilyn Little, 602-966-7379

Copper State Hunting Retriever Club - Copper State HRC (CSHRC) is an AKC club dedicated to the hunting retriever. They specialize in hunting-related activities, both for Labs and other breeds. Located in Phoenix. They are also affiliated with NAHRA, and conduct hunt tests. Hunt tests are not a competition (as field trials are); rather, they test the hunting abilities of the dog in respect to established standards.

The Labrador Retriever Club - The national club for the Labrador Retrievers that is affiliated with the AKC. Generally focused more on hunting retrievers than on the show ring. Membership is limited.

National Labrador Retriever Club - A national club with open membership.

North American Hunting Retriever Association - An organization dedicated to preserving hunting instincts of retrievers. They conduct hunt tests, which are not a competition of dogs competing against each other, but of individual dogs being judged against a standard.

American Kennel Club - The national organization for all breeds in the US.

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Arizona Partnership K9 Academy - Michael Higgins from AZ Partnership K9 Academy specialize sin training great dogs. If you are having trouble with aggression or fear, they can help. They have been serving in the valley for 15 years and work with many rescues.

Empowered K9 - My mission is to produce amazingly balanced, well behaved dogs and fun dogs, and I'm committed to making sure that owners are highly successful and happy with their dogs as well. By applying my method of balanced dog training, I can train your dog (puppy, adult or senior) to behave reliably around you and your family and restore peace of mind back into your life.

Pet Behavior Solutions - Offers a wide variety of services for you and your pets.  Each service is specifically tailored to your needs, goals, and individual situation.  Can help with virtually any behavior and training issue with your dog and tailors services specifically to meet your needs..  

Partners Dog Training - Partners Dog Training is located in Cave Creek, Arizona, United States. We are a professional behavioral dog training facility, that specializes in aggression, submissive and insecure behavior. We also offer a full sports program specially for dogs, including agility and protection dogs.

Doggie Steps Dog Training - Doggie Steps Dog Training leashed its first dog in 2005. Since then, over 500 satisfied K’9’s and customers alike have experienced the pleasures of a “calm-submissive” dog. The goal has always been to show owners how to properly integrate their dog into the home setting.

Team Canine - Training philosophy based on the idea that communication is the key to stopping unacceptable behavior and creating a well mannered dog. Their training program teaches owners and dogs how to understand and communicate effectively together.

Gary Wilkes' Click & Treat Training - Gary Wilkes provides behavior modification and training services in the Greater Phoenix area. Training services are customized to fit the individual client and are mainly conducted "in home" unless a dog's particular education requires other locations.

Gary DeGeronimo, trainer specializing in behavior modification and management. Gary is consultant to several different rescue groups in Arizona, including DLRR.

Dog Obedience Advice- Professional dog training tips and articles to help train your dogs. Free dog training articles and dog training advice on solving your dog's annoying behaviors like dog aggression, dog barking and dog biting.

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Lab Activities

Riley's Ruff House Doggie Day Care - Where your four-legged friend will spend a fun-filled day interacting with other friendly dogs, as well as friendly people! Watch your dog play and romp on their web cams.

The Paws Concierge - The Paws Concierge owns and operates two (2) Paws Resort & Spa locations in Phoenix AZ. The Paws Concierge delivers outbound services, pet sitting and dog walking through its Concierge Division. In-bound services, doggie daycare, boarding and grooming services are delivered at both Paws Resorts & Spas.

Good Dog Agility - an agility club in the Phoenix area. They have a lot of information on the sport of agility and hold classes for all levels.

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If you are interested in buying a puppy and are looking for a good breeder in the Phoenix Area, the Papago Labrador Retriever Club has a good list of reputable breeders.

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Lab Rescues

A list of other Lab rescues around the country. This list is by no means complete!!

Midwest Labrador Retriever Rescue - MLRR currently serves the city of Chicago and its suburbs (Illinois only, we do not adopt out of state).

Utah Lab Rescue - Utah's first and only Labrador Retriever Club and Rescue, started in April of 2003. They are located in Utah County, based out of Orem.

Southern California Labrador Retriever Rescue - A Lab rescue that serves Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties. They do not adopt to homes outside this area.

Golden Gate Labrador Retriever Rescue - Serves the San Francisco, CA area. Their services are limited to the following telephone area codes: 408, 415, 510, 650, 707 and 925.

Central California Labrador Retriever Rescue - Serves the Central Valley, including the Sacramento area. They operate in area codes 209. 916, and 530.

LABMED - While they are not actually a rescue, LABMED's purpose is to fund medical treatment for rescue dogs. They have lots of information on their site that would be useful for rescues, including fundraising tips. Please visit them and give if you can, as they have helped us a lot!

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Other Breed Rescues

Animal Rescue Center - An Arizona animal rescue group dedicated to saving homeless pets and ending euthanasia.

Arizona Beagle Rescue - An Arizona rescue that provides education and referral services for beagles from area shelters, stray beagles, and beagles from homes that can no longer keep their dog. They work with both purebred beagles and beagle mixes and serve all of Arizona.

Rescue a Golden of Arizona - A Phoenix-area rescue for Golden Retrievers. They are a very good organization and have helped us a lot. If you are interested in Goldens, contact them.

Arizona Bassett Hound Rescue - an Arizona rescue for basset hounds. Check out their photos, these dogs are cute!

Coalition of All Breed Rescue of Arizona - CABRA is is a not-for-profit group of people dedicated to rescuing and finding good homes for purebred dogs. It is CABRA's hope that more unwanted purebreds will find loving, lifetime homes through the efforts and activities of its members.

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Other Rescue Links

PACC911 - Filling a vital community need, PACC911 brings together over 100 animal welfare organizations throughout Arizona, most of which are within Maricopa County. PACC911 provides opportunities for its partners to work together for the benefit of the animals and assists animal welfare partners

East Valley Coalition of Rescues - E.V.C.O.R. is a coalition of rescues that work together to attempt to place animals that are actively being abandoned by their owners. They attempt to list and place these pets straight from the abandoner's home so that the pet will only have to make one transition - into a new, permanent family's home.

R.E.S.C.U.E. - A rescue organization in the Phoenix are that rescues all breeds of dogs as well as cats. They rescue animals from the kill lists at the county pounds. They have an online list of what animals they have available.

Foothills Animal Rescue - A shelter housing all breeds of dogs and cats in the Cave Creek area.

FAIR - A rescue organization in the Tucson area that rescues animals from the kill list at the Pima county pounds. They have dogs as well as cats, all ages, sizes and breeds.

The Senior Dogs Project - Providing resources to help senior dogs find a loving home where they can retire.

Brambley Hedge Rabbit Rescue - Dedicated to the rescue of homeless or abandoned rabbits in Arizona.

Found! - An organization that publishes photos of lost pets in shelters in the Tucson area.

Maricopa County Animal Control Services - The site for the Maricopa County pound. They have lost and found animals as well as animals available for adoption.

Arizona Humane Society - the site for the Humane Society, located at 13th Ave and Hatcher. They have lots of information on spaying and neutering and other services available, as well as adoptions

Pinal County Animal Control - the animal control site for dogs and cats in Pinal County.

Humane Society of Southern Arizona - the Humane Society located in the Tucson area.

Denver Dumb Friends League - The Humane Society of Denver. Their site includes an extensive selection of handouts on behavior modification that are very useful!

Other Dog Links

Critter Control - Whether you need to get rid of pesky raccoons or squirrels from your attic, remove moles that are ravaging your lawn or prevent geese from making a mess on your property, count on Critter Control to get the job done in a safe, effective and humane manner.

PetsSafe - A guide to finding a lost or missing pet. Thanks to Ms. Ward's class for finding this helpful link!

Pets 911 website - For pet lost and found, rescue and emergency information.

Lost and Found - a site dedicated to listing lost and found items of all types, including pets.

The - a site with all sorts of dog-related information, including training tips, events in your area, a national list of rescues, shopping, and more!

PadMapper - web site for pet-friendly apartments rentals in Phoenix

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