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Spotlight Dog

Meet Grant!

Hi Everyone my name is Grant and you are never going to believe what I am about to tell you.  I was found in Mexico laying on the side of a road.  I was lost and alone.  Worst of all I had been hit by a car.  The good people who found me kept me crated for several months before they were able to make arrangements for Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue to intake me.  Everyone who meets me says that I am nice and kind and sweet and that I will make a great addition to someone's family. We were all surprised to discover that I have a fractured back.  The Dr.’s can’t believe that I am up walking and wagging my tail but I am.  They sent me to see a specialist and he did a catscan.  Funny, I didn’t know cats did anything other then eat and sleep.  Anyway, the specialty Dr. (the one who uses cats to scan) recommended surgical intervention. That comes with its own set of risks and possible complications.  My attending veterinarian felt if we restricted my activity the fracture may start to heal on its own.  And it has started to do just that.  It will never be 100% and I will be more prone to arthritis because of this.  It’s also important to know that I am never going to be a marathon runner and my activity should be supervised.  In addition, I need to stay slim and trim. Did I mention that I play well with my foster sisters (2 shepherd mixes) and my two foster brothers (labs) and I even like the foster cats in the house.  I wonder if they work for the good Dr.  Thanks to Desert Labrador Retriever Rescue I have been granted a new lease on life and a chance to find my forever home.  Could that be with you?  Please call my foster mom if you’d like to see just how sweet and adorable I am.