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Spotlight Dog

Meet Doddy!

Doddy (1) AKA Cody: Small, 48 #, Age 8
Meet this sweet boy that has now been with us for three weeks.  This smaller bundle of great energy (sometimes) and calm gentleness (most often) has settled in very nicely.  He loves his food and treats, uses his doggie door, takes treats very gently, enters his kennel (with a treat) and sleeps there quietly all night.  Small squeaky toys are his favorites to play fetch with and occasionally he likes to chase the ball and wrestle with you for possession.  He is able to watch TV and will react to dogs that he sees there. (Barked at the huskies he saw and searched the house for them!)  He would like to explore the neighborhood on his own (with great speed) so we are careful when we open doors.  He is doing fine with our visiting spaniel but prefers a quiet, gentle introduction and is protective of his food.  He responds to a stern “no” or that’s enough” and usually won’t repeat an action that received disapproval.  Tummy rubs and petting are high on his agenda.  He would be a perfect pet for an older person as he easily adapts to whatever energy level you offer him.