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Spotlight Dog

Meet Charlie!

Hi, Charlie (25) here and I have to say that I’m kind of disappointed that my new forever family hasn’t called my foster mom to meet me. I’m a 10 year old big, soft teddy bear and an easy dog to have in your home. I love my morning walks so much that I tend to get a little excited when I see my foster mom get my leash. I’m very good on the leash and the only time I pull is when I see a bunny.  Sure wish I could play with one. I like my naps and going outside to lay around to check out what’s going on in the neighborhood. All I really need is for someone to love me, walk me twice a day and feed me breakfast and dinner. See how easy I am? Call my foster mom to meet me, you won’t regret it!
A note from my foster mom: Charlie had a seizure the morning of October 15, 2018 which fortunately did not seem have any long term effect. We took him to the vet and all his bloodwork came back normal. The doctor said it could be a one time thing (paws crossed). We have been watching him closely and he has not had another one this past week.